FCS Express can read listmode (FCS and LMD) data files from all manufacturers. FCS Express currently supports FCS Version 1 to FCS version 3.1.  Simply transfer the files to the computer on which you are running FCS Express (either via the network, flash drive, CD or other method) and FCS Express will be able to load the data. FCS Express also supports some specialized data formats native to manufacturers instruments. These specialized formats include Cytek and Sony Spectral data files, BD Accuri C6 and C6 Plus files, and Miltenyi MacsQuant .mqd files.


In addition, FCS Express can also import the analysis/acquisition settings (gates, plots, markers, quadrants etc) from flow cytometers running the BD FACSDiva and the BD Accuri C6 software.


File description

File format

Sample-based files

Listmode files

*.fcs; *.lmd

BD AccuriTM C6 / C6 Plus files

*.c6; *.cfl; *.ci;

Sony Spectral Data

*.sraw and *.fcs

Cytek Spectral Data


Miltenyi MacsQuant files


Plate-based files

BD AccuriTM C6 / C6 Plus Plate files

*.c6; *.ci;

FCS Plate folders*

FCS Plate Folder (folder directory - see below*)


BD FACSDivaTM Experiment files


BD AccuriTM C6 file




* The FCS Plate Folder format allows users to load individual .FCS files derived from plate based experiments:

oBio-Rad ZE5 and YETI
oBD instruments with HTS add-on
oCoulter Quanta
oBD Accuri


Plate based data files may be used in conjunction with the High Content Heat Map add-on.