The DNA Fit category contains options describing different parameters of the DNA fit. This category allows you to choose what kind of fit you wish to apply, as well as set specific parameters for the fit.


FCS Express defaults to selecting the fit type automatically (the Detect fit type automatically check box is checked). When detecting the fit type automatically, all other options are disabled because Multicycle will calculate all the fit parameters.


Defer changes allows you to make changes to the DNA Fit options without applying the change immediately. If checked, click Apply to apply your changes, or Cancel to cancel applying any changes you have made.


To set the fitting values yourself, uncheck the Detect fit type automatically check box. The other options will then be enabled (Figure 5.3).


Figure 5.3  Formatting a DNA histogram - Cycle options

Figure 5.3  Formatting a DNA histogram - Cycle options



FCS Express will show different fitting options depending on which fit type is selected from the Fit Type drop-down list. The example shows a 1 Cycle fit. Links to a complete listing of all the supported fit types and the various parameters that apply for those fits can be found on the FCS Express - Multicycle knowledgebase page.


After changing the parameters for a fit, the Multicycle plot will update accordingly. Multicycle will use the input parameters as the starting point for the fit, but may vary the parameters while calculating the best fit. To see the final fit values that Multicycle calculated you can open a DNA statistics window or create Text Boxes with DNA-specific tokens.